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Terms and Conditions of Registration

In registering your details, Haringey Council is not acting as a recruitment agency and will not be actively finding work for you. There is also no guarantee that any or all of your information will be accepted and/or a record of your details created on the system.

Once your details are uploaded on the system, you will be responsible for maintaining your own entry.

Any approaches you receive will be directly from prospective user of services or someone acting on their behalf.  Moreover, any future relationship/contract of employment will be between you and the person directly employing you (either an Agency or user of personal assistants).

You need to understand the legal, employment and other requirements of becoming a personal assistant and being employed by an agency or individual user of personal assistants. You also need to understand that the appearance of an individual or organisation offering a personal assistant service on our website will not constitute an endorsement by the Council. You also accept that Haringey Council reserves the right to remove your details from the website if necessary or appropriate.

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