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Occupational Therapy

Organisation type: Local Authority

The occupational therapy service is available to children and young people aged 0-19 years who are residents in Haringey or attending Haringey children's centres, nurseries or schools, and present with difficulties in functional daily living. Therapists work in partnership with parents/carers, health professionals, children's centres, schools and nurseries to provide an occupational therapy service in the setting that is most appropriate to the child's need. This includes at home, within a clinic, in early years settings and mainstream and special schools. Occupational Therapists are employed by GOSH in Haringey Community Health Services. Occupational Therapists provide assessment, advice, training, programmes as well as direct intervention as appropriate. There is an open referral system with referrals accepted from parents, GPs, schools, other professionals. For children up to 5 years of age and for those attending mainstream schools please contact the Occupational Therapy at St Ann's Hospital, Block L1, London N15 3TH, Phone: 020 8442 6305/6232. For children attending special schools, please contact the therapist at that school.

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    Occupational Therapy
    Alexandra House
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