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Wide Fit Shoes

Organisation type: Private

Finding suitable footwear for a range of special needs is not always easy or straight forward, most shoe shops do not have the expertise to discover your exact needs.  Established footwear retailer since 1965 with lots of experience in dealing with ‘problematic feet" Wide Fit Shoes cater for adults and children that wear  shoes for all types of orthotics and designed to cater for anybody that wears a corrective device for a disability or condition including braces, foot splints and they fully cater for the footwear needs of all special needs children and adults for everyday use as well as those that enjoy a whole range of athletics including the Special Olympics.

Example conditions that require expert advice include:

(links below are clickable to aid access for the blind or those with dexterity problems.)

Shoes for diabetics supplied and fitted so they do not cause sores or blisters that can be dangerous for diabetics.

Shoes for Hammer Toes cater for a range of foot deformities often caused by muscle imbalance.

Shoes for plantar fasciitis these alleviate heal pain caused by a number of conditions.

Orthopedic Shoes  are designed to cater for a wide range of footwear problems for all disabilities and special needs.

Mens Velcro Shoes Are perfect for those having problems putting on or taking off footwear including one handed.

Wide fit Sandals solve a range of problems including catering for insoles or swollen feel.

Womens wide fit shoes are designed specifically for women with swollen feel and come in a larger range of colours and styles.

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    Wide Fit Shoes
    Kenton Road
    Kenton Park Parade
    HA3 8DN

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