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  1. Youth Direct

    Pointing Youth in the Right Direction

    Youth Direct is an after school club that was set up in 2003, as it became apparent that local youth needed some recreational space other than their school and home environment.

    Firstly, they need some extra activity other than sitting at their desks studying and secondly, they needed someone to talk to, and discus issues with, who wasn’t their teacher or parent.

    Since its inception, YouthDirect has been providing activities such as woodwork, art, water-sports and holiday day camps to local male youth aged 8 plus.

    It has allowed youth to enjoy recreational activities  and relax in a non-judgemental atmosphere whilst gaining confidence and self-esteem. Youth have created objects that they did not know they were capable of.  They have learnt to mix with youth from other schools. They have learnt to concentrate and listen to instructions so their school work has improved as well as learning numeracy and literacy.

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