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  1. Little Tree Montessori Nursery

    Nursery - 'Our aim is that children feel happy and fulfiled during their time at the nursery. That they will become confident and independant and will have a love of learning. This will prepare them to adapt to other schools and be part of society. We help children to develop a deep awareness of each other's needs and environment, to show concern and care for everyone and everything that is a part of the world.' The nursery follows the Early Years Foundation Stage through the Montessori method of education. The children are offered a wide range of carefully planned activities to cover all aspects of the curriculum. At Little Tree Montessori children have the freedom to explore the full range of Montessori materials. The classrooms are very carefully designed and prepared so that everything is child size and within reach. We maintain a peaceful and calm atmosphere for learning in a safe and orderly environment. The children work at their oen pace with material, which is stimulating and purposeful. Every child wants to learn. There is no need to force them.

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