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    CHOICES offers support to children and young people 0-17 years old in Haringey who are worried about their emotional wellbeing. You can request support from the team for a one-off face to face conversation. They will help you work out what services are available around Haringey to support you. 

    The CHOICES team want to help you build on your strengths. They are able to signpost or refer you to other local organisations depending on your needs. They can work with you to help you explore what might be different at home, in school or in your free time, and how you can start to bring about this change. 

    CHOICES can help if you have concerns about: 

    • Feeling low in mood
    • Panic
    • Anger issues
    • Behavioural problems
    • Problems making or keeping friends
    • Bullying
    • Self-harm
    • Sleeping problems
    • Eating problems
    • Worries about weight
    • Obsessions (OCD)
    • Difficulties sitting still or concentrating
    • Wanting to talk about a traumatic event or events
    • Family problems
    • and other worries too.

    You can call 020 8702 3405 or you can complete a form online at

    The CHOICES team will arrange and agree a time to meet you at a local veune in Haringey.At your appointment, you will meet with a CHOICES practitioner to dicsuss how you are doing and what support you need.   At the end of the appointment a plan will be agreed with you about your next steps, showing you where you can access further support.

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