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  1. Busy Bunnies

    Nursery - We are Busy Bunnies Pre-School & Day Nursery, an Ofsted registered childcare provider offering a unique, nurturing, family oriented environment well suited to children who would find it difficult to cope in a large setting. Our main goal here at Busy Bunnies is to provide a friendly, safe, warm and loving family environment in which children can develop vital cognitive and social skills. We believe that young children learn best through play and from observing and participating in the environment around them, therefore children are encouraged to direct their own interests and needs. At Busy Bunnies, children engage in a variety of activities such as Free Play; Reading; Arts & Crafts; Music; Singing & Dancing; Dramatic Play and Puzzles. Children, regardless of their age, participate in a year-round daily curriculum. This includes a variety of activities and themes ranging from Colours; Body parts; Names of objects; 3-D arts & crafts projects, Games, Songs, Story- telling, Creative drama, Exercise, Science and much more. Extra-curricular activities At Busy Bunnies we have a variety of extra-curricular activities for your child to take part in. These include Montessori based activities; Forest School (coming soon); Football; Music & Movement, as well as cooking and pottery. Our Montessori teacher is called a “Directress”. This is because she aims to guide the children towards constructive work and to direct them into acquiring both a love for learning and self-motivation. Especially trained to observe and respond to the needs of each child and to direct the whole group, the directress ensures that each member of the nursery community is respected and shows individual children how to use the educational materials most appropriate to their stage of development.

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