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  1. Child Protection

    If you have concerns that a child may be at risk of significant harm or has already been harmed or abused then you should make immediate telephone contact with Haringey Council to take advice.

    Please do not keep your worries to yourself. If the child is suffering actual significant harm at this point then you should telephone the police on 999. An example would be if a parent collected a child from school and was intoxicated or a parent was in the process of physically abusing a child.

    How to make contact through the Single Point of Access 

    Everyone who comes into contact with children and young people has a role to play in identifying welfare and safeguarding concerns, and taking prompt action to share these concerns and relevant information with the local council.

    This includes all professionals working with children and young people and their families, including teachers and nursery staff, children’s centres, doctors and health workers, housing support officers, police and probation officers, family support services, social workers and voluntary and community run organisations.

    It also includes children and young people who have concerns over their own welfare or issues within their household, or parents/carers and wider family members and neighbours who identify that a child may need some help or additional support.

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